De Fette Petz um Netz

Everyone in Luxembourg knows this fat guy and loves him for just being himself in his streams. If you want to talk about god and the world, just pick a coffee and watch the stream to have a good time.
Schedule: Monday 21h00-00h00
Content: Talkshow, IRL, trailer reaction, new releases, pc games


Schedule: Sunday 18h00-21h00
Content: Fortnite, Scum,, and many more


Pannashot is the main streamer on our web tv. He summarizes all the important facts of the week on his stream sunday night. Make sure you don't miss it if you want to be informed about what's happening at 11F.
Schedule: Sunday 21h00-00h00
Content: IRL, Fortnite, Clash Royale, Community Games, New Releases


Drmax93 manages the CR League and streams about a few games, but FIFA19 is his main.
Schedule: Thursday 21h00-00h00
Content: Clash Royale Pizza Hut eLeague Clanwars, Fifa


He plays the harmonica when he gets a new follower. Try it out! :D
Schedule: Thursday 18h00-21h00
Content: PUBG, CS:GO


Schedule: Monday 18h00-21h00
Content: Fifa, LoL, Fortnite

GxREM - Twitch Manager

GxREM is the Twitch Manager. He coaches the new streamers called prospect streamers and manages the weekly schedule on our Twitch channel.
Schedule: Friday 18h00-21h00
Content: CSGO, Fortnite, Rocket League and all sorts of games especially shooters


Schedule: Friday 21h00-00h00
Content: League of Legends, Just chatting, and a lot of fun ;)