Fabio De Aguiar

Fabio is the Founder and Head Manager of 11F Luxembourg.
He is in charge of the developping process at 11F in general and manages the financial aspects of the organization. His main mission is to develop Gaming and eSports in Luxembourg and the greater region.

Dany Fernandes

Dany is the Co-Founder and Relationship Manager of 11F.
He is in charge of the digital Marketing and communication. He is known as the "best man in the shadow".

Max De Ridder

Max is the Twitch Manager of 11F Gaming. He's on the search for new streamers and schedules the streaming planning of the week for the 11F Twitch Channel.
He is also a Fifa Player and in charge of the Clash Royale  "Pizza Hut Clan Wars eLeague".
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Eric Schaus

Eric is the manager of the editorial department of 11F Gaming. He writes articles for the website, for the facebook page and manages the editorial staff. If you want to join his team, just hit him on facebook and say Hello.

Marc Hermes

Marc, also known as Maic Orlofski, is the manager of content creation at 11F Gaming. He is the man behind the camera, the ghost which you never see, but he always has an eye on you. His mission is to create community videos, trailers, aftermovies and a lot of other good things.
If you ever need someone to create a video, feel free to ask him on facebook.


Joé Simon

Joé is the "better half" of Zenpies, a luxembourgish anime/manga influencer duo. He is the producer of the livestream content at our events. 
Go and visit Zenpies for more informations.

Yannick Soisson

Yanpafemy is a part of the editorial staff and has a huge knowledge about Gaming in general.
He also helps as an admin during our events.

Gianni Fasano

Gianni is a part of 11F Gaming since the very beginning.
He helps as an admin during our events and is a part of the editorial staff.

Johny Ribeiro

Johny is a part of 11F Gaming since the very beginning.
He helps as an admin during our events an loves to entertain the community as a caster at our liverstreams. 

Scott Antinori

Our logistic beast, if you look for something and you don't know where it is? Just ask Kiingfrisky, he knows ;)
He started as a helper at our local events and often casts streams like Rocket League, Clash Royale or FIFA.