Francisco "Ciscinho" Munoz (FC Déifferdeng 03)

Manager. Ciscinho is the best-known FIFA Player in Luxembourg. He's playing for the Football Club of FC Déifferdeng 03 since september 2017 and has a 1-year pro contract.  facebook - twitter - twitch
3x Champion of Luxembourg (FIFA 13, 15, 16)
1x Champion of Belgium (FIFA 16)
2x ESWC Qualifier (FIFA 17, 18)
Champion of 11F FUT League Season 1 (FIFA 17)

Diogo "diogosantos26" Santos (FC Progrès Niederkorn)

Diogo is the youngest player in our FIFA Squad. He has a 3-year pro contract with the Football Club FC Progrès Niederkorn, which supports the player in his development.  facebook - twitter
Winner Saturn Belval (FIFA 19)
Winner LGX 2018 (FIFA 19)
2x Champion of Luxembourg (FIFA 18, 19)
Top16 FPF eSports Allianz Challenge (FIFA 17)

Max "drmax93" de Ridder (Manager)

Max is the manager of our FIFA Players. He manages the travelling and accommodation when the team is going to a tournament. He also organizes the 11F FUT League Season which take place once a year.  facebook - twitter - twitch
Champion of Lanarama FIFA Cup (FIFA 17)
Top4 Belgian E-Championship (FIFA 16)

Claudio "Falcao" Matos (Coach)

Falcao is our FIFA coach. He scouts new talents and helps them to prepare their FIFA career. He also our social media manager and gives the community news reports about the result of our team when they are participating in a tournament. facebook - twitter - twitch 
Topaze 2vs2 Team Cup Runner-Up (FIFA 17) 
Auchan Gaming Days Winner (FIFA 18) 

Joé ''LUX_Walter'' Walter

Player sponsored by Weidert Men's Finest. 
11F FUT League Winner (FIFA 18)
EGO European Cup 2v2 Winner (FIFA 18)
National Cup Final Runner-Up (FIFA 18)
ESWC Quali Lux Top4 (FIFA 17)

Kevin "Extrem" Cabral

Extrem is a young 18-year-old Xbox player in our squad. 
National Cup Q2 Runner-Up (FIFA 18)
National Cup Final 3rd Place (FIFA 18)

Ricardo "iRasta28" Loureiro

iRasta28 plays all the competions but especially Pro Club. He plays for a portuguese Team named "Aparecida FC eSports". 
National Cup Q2 Winner (FIFA 18)
National Cup Final Top8 (FIFA 18)
National Cup Final 3rd Place (FIFA 17)