Name:                                                       Lee                     
Date of Birth:                                          18/05
Favorite Weapon:                                   Burst AR
Favorite POI:                                           Fatal Fields
Playstyle:                                                 Trolling friendly bush
Total Wins (05/2018):                             366

Mikey (C)

Name:                                                     Mike
Date of Birth:                                         10/10
Favorite Weapon:                                  Bolt-Action Sniper
Favorite POI (Point of interest):          Retail Row
Playstyle:                                                Playmaker
Total Wins (05/2018):                           789


Name:                                                         Sven
Date of Birth:                                            03/07
Favorite Weapon:                                      Scar
Favorite POI:                                              Salty Springs
Playstlye:                                                     Close Combat
Total Wins (05/2018):                                610

HD Pio

Name:                                                            Nic
Date of Birth:                                               13/04
Favorite Weapon:                                        Scar
Favorite POI:                                                Retail Row   
Playstyle:                                                       Support/Distance
Total Wins (05/2018):                                  253