11F FUT League Season 2 Mid-Season

11F FUT League Season 2 Mid-Season

Here is the Top 4 of the FUT League after 8 games! It is so close and exciting!

On the 5th place we have Joé ''LUX_Walter'' Walter with also 21 points and on the 6th spot, xTiago97 with 18 points!

There is still a chance for all of them!  Will Francisco "Ciscinho" Muñoz manage to stay unbeaten?  He is playing this week against  Diogo "DiogoSantos26" Santos and Max "drmax93" De Ridder! Who wants to see a livestream of both big games?

Only 7 games are left an the Top 6 still have to play against each other!

Who will make the top 4 and secure the playoffs spots?

>> Top Games of this week:

- Claudio "falcao" Matos vs Prestino

- 11F LUX_Walter vs PN DiogoSantos26

- FCD03 Ciscinho vs PN DiogoSantos26

- Prestino vs xTiago97