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Who the F*** is 11F?

11F is a group of luxembourgish influencers who are actually very active on the different topics: Sport, Gaming and Movie
We do news reports, livestreams and community events on our social media: Facebook (11F Sport, 11F Gaming, 11F Movie) Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, Snapchat (snap_11F). Make sure you hit that follow button :D
Also we are the leading gaming organization in Luxembourg with the best known events where we collaborate with our partners. 
You can see the video of the Orange Gaming Week (Shopping Center La Belle Etoile), SprinGames (Springbreak - Luxexpo the Box) or the biggest Gaming Convention called LGX - Luxembourg Gaming Xperience (Saturn - Casino 2000) an our journey to Gamescom 2017 (Cologne).