Topaze 2vs2 Fifa Cup

The Topaze 2v2 Fifa National Cup is back !
We know you've all been waiting for it! The 2v2 National Cup will again be played at the Topaze Shopping Centre in Mersch.
This time, however, you will have to play with a national team! 
Don't waste any more time and fill out the form to register
Show us that YOU are the best Fifa Duo in Luxembourg !!
1st Place: 2x PS4 Pro Console
2nd Place: 2x PS4 Nacon Pro Controller
3rd Place: 2x PS4 Game of your Choice
Entry Fee:
30EUR / Team

Please note that registration to the infomail does not guarantee you the participation. In fact, there will be a limited number of places available. Only after the payment your spot will be guaranteed!!

Topaze 2v2 - Registration:

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