Thibaud "SYBO" Hörold

Nickname:       SYBO
Age:                  21
Favorite Car:   Octane
Favorite Map:  DFH Stadium
Best Ranking:  Champion 3
Actual Ranking (05/2018): Champion 3
Career Stats:

Diogo "Kiraksuy" Bastos (C)

Diogo is the captain and manager of our Rocket League Team.
Nickname :     Kiraksuy
Age:                 26
Favorite Car:  Merc
Favorite Map: Beckwith Park
Best Ranking: Champion 3
Actual Ranking (05/2018):  Champion 2
Career Stats:   3rd @SprinGames 2018 

Daniel "xDragonRL" Alves

Nickname:         xDragonRL
Age:                    16
Favorite Car:     Octane
Favorite Map:    DFH Stadium
Best Ranking:    Grand Champion
Actual Ranking (05/2018): Grand Champion
Career Stats:    1st @SprinGames 2018