- Francisco "Ciscinho" Munoz
- Max "drmax93" de Ridder
- Claudio "Falcao" Matos
- Diogo "diogosantos26" Santos

                Call of Duty

            Team: 11F_Dominance

- Kevin "BasedGodPrice" Quintela Morais (C)
- Dylan "Daty" Rodrigues
- Tiago "xXTG12Xx" Gouveia
- Wei "Wei" Jang

             Team: 11F_Dynasty
- Haris "Haadro"Adrovic (C)
- Bryan "Pawzzy" Teixeira Lopes
- David "xsheguey" Araujo
- Dylan "Stallaman" Rodrigues


- Lukas Romanus
- Nicholas Romanus

               Clash Royale

- Damien Kurek
- Yves Kurek

Francisco "Ciscinho" Munoz (FC Déifferdeng 03)

Ciscinho is the best-known FIFA Player in Luxembourg. He's playing for the Football Club of FC Déifferdeng 03 since september 2017 and has a 1-year pro contract. 
3x Champion of Luxembourg (FIFA 13, 15, 16)
1x Champion of Belgium (FIFA 16)
2x ESWC Participant (FIFA 16, 17)

Diogo "diogosantos26" Santos (FC Progrès Niederkorn)

Diogo is the youngest player in our FIFA Squad. He has a 3-year pro contract with the Football Club FC Progrès Niederkorn, which supports the player in his development. 
1x Champion of Luxembourg (FIFA 17)

Max "drmax93" de Ridder


Claudio "Falcao" Matos